Bicycles and Cars

There has been much to-ing and fro-ing regarding who does what on the road and who is good and who is bad.

The fact is that no driver wants to have a collision with a bike rider and no bike rider wants to be hit by a car.

We all know that when this occurs the results are always serious and often fatal.

Irrespective of what the result is it is usually the motor vehicle driver that tends to wear the majority of the blame.

Many motorists who collide with bike riders claim that there did not see the bike rider.

This is because they have their minds focussed on larger objects such as cars and trucks.

Also many bike riders wear clothing that can tend to blend in with the background.

For example, it is really asking for trouble for bike riders to wear dark clothing with a weak rear light at night.

  • So what can be done to reduce the incident of bike and motor vehicle collision? Here are our thoughts:
  • All bike riders should wear high visibility clothing.
  • At night the high visibility clothing should include high visibility reflective striping
  • All bikes should be fitted with a rear flashing white light for use only through the day.
  • All bikes should be fitted with at least two high powered flashing red lights and large reflector for night time use.

These are practical solutions that WILL reduce bike and car collisions.

We also recommend that people on motor bikes are also required to wear high visibility clothing at all times when on their bikes.

We call on the Government to implement these strategies in law to ensure real safety changes for both car drivers and bike riders.