Why enter parliament, isn’t there another way?

We wish there was! Unfortunately standing on the steps of Parliament House waving placards and chanting words has a very small, if any effect on changing policies and politicians’ minds. The only changes that can be made are those from within the ‘system’ and from ensuring the public through the media are aware of the rip off perpetuated by so-called responsible representatives in Government. Likewise most petitions are not taken seriously by many politicians unless it is ‘their’ constituents.

Taking a seat in the Upper House (Legislative Council) will ensure our voice and concerns and demands are heard irrespective of whom is in Government. We will have the opportunity to get the facts, vigorously challenge the Government and issue informative press releases when we see they are not heeding the public’s demand that they give everybody a fair go on our roads and stop using our S. A. Police Department as illegitimate cash cow.