Who wants to maintain this scam?

There are a number but many can be placed into one of these categories:


Politicians – many politicians see the Police as just lazy public servants who are driving around doing nothing most of the time. They think Police need to justify their existence by bringing in an ever-growing amount of money after each patrol shift.  Many NCO’s and Commissioned Officers are under so much pressure to bring in the loot for the Government they have been encouraged to praise Police who bring in heaps of money albeit for ‘offences’ that would not have rated a mention years ago because of their petty nature. Many Sergeants back then would actually berate young Police Officers who tried to turn in petty and trite offences.  They would explain to them that Police need the public on-side to assist with crime prevention and the apprehension of serious criminals. Most Sergeants back then would not allow a speeding offence to proceed unless it was at least 15 kilometres above the posted limit … and then only if it involved some aspect of dangerous or inexperienced driving that could have led to problems. Also remember that the current crop of Government politicians tried to pass a law that would have made it impossible for people to claim costs when they were found innocent of charges in court. What sort of people would even consider such grossly inappropriate legislation?

Self-flagellators – There are unfortunately people in our society who for one reason or another want to feel guilty about some issue. Whether it is environmental or people issues they want to blame themselves for something … anything! When these people receive a traffic infringement notice they proclaim that they rightly deserved it and they will try to be a better person in the future. This even though their offence was probably just a small mistake that deserved a light caution if that. These are the people that will believe all laws are in the best interest of society. Some of these people can also fall into the next category.

The Nazi Jack-boot Brigade – These people who rarely drive or can be a real pain when they are on the road usually driving 5 or 10 kilometres an hour below the speed limit. They believe that anybody who transgresses even the most minor laws should be placed in stocks in Victoria Square and have people chuck rotten tomatoes at them when they get off the tram. These people would have been right at home in Germany in the late 30’s and early 40’s. Most of these people are just hateful serial bullies and are in many ways dysfunctional as human beings. Many probably need to seek help to find out why they hate their fellow human beings with such a sick passion.