Unregistered vehicles?

This Government has finally gone too far with massive new fines that are seen as disgusting by our Police.

These fines have gone from a total of about $500 to up to $2,500!

Has this Government completely and utterly lost the plot? Absolutely no doubt about that!

The Police Minister, Michael O’Brien has the audacity to imply with a straight face that these people deserve this incredibly harsh treatment.

This Government has done away the registration stickers to save about $400,000.

Naturally many people are forgetting to register their cars without this visual reminder every day.

Now the Government is predicting they will make $60,000,000 from innocent motorists who forget to register their cars.

Once again this is another example of blatant revenue raising by this revolting Government.

They merely view motorists as mobile piggy banks that can be ripped off with more and more harsh laws.

This Government and other politicians will continue to find ways to rip off more and more money from the motoring public.

Soon everybody will be driving under more and more stress afraid of accidentally committing some small and pedantic road rule infraction that will cost them dearly.

Once again our Police have led the way through the very gutsy Police union secretary Tom Scheffler stating that Police will probably not be issuing these ridiculous fines.

Quite soon we are likely to see a real clash of values between money-grubbing politicians and what our Police consider to be socially and morally repugnant laws.

Naturally we all hope our Police win because that will be in everybody’s best interest.