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Dear Owen,

Who’s Asleep at the Wheel?

Again the official figures prove speed cameras as incompetent road safety devices

The West Australian Government must be congratulated for again demonstrating beyond question that speed cameras are only money making machines when they recently revealed their infringement records for last year.

(Reported by Gabrielle Knowles on page 3 of the “West Australian” Saturday August 17, “Speeding, red light fines soar”.)

Incredibly 825,741 speed infringements were issued to drivers in West Australia last year with not a single speed camera picture showing a vehicle crash.

More than 2,200 drivers per day were pictured driving without crashing and were fined a total of $86 million for the privilege of driving without crashing.

As the WA population is only 2.4 million, and after taking children and the non driving population from this figure, the remainder shows that close to one out of every two drivers in WA being fined!

I notice that there was not a single word of a thought to lifting a finger to target careless or dangerous drivers passing through the exact same locations as these cameras!

Without batting an eyelid, Professor Lampard of the WA Office of Road Safety when referring to the released statistics, purportedly claimed that a near doubling of crashes at one intersection was a road safety improvement!

On Saturday August 24, Gabrielle Knowles reports on page 13 of the “West Australian”, “WA road toll 50 above average”; that the RAC claims WA has the worst road safety record of any State.

The RAC further claim that 50 lives would be saved simply by meeting the Australian average for road safety.

So how does 825,000 speed camera pictures, (about one third of the entire West Australian population including children), and Australia’s worst road safety record show anything but the incompetence of speed cameras in addressing road safety?

Is it carelessness, incompetence, professional negligence or kickbacks that back the continuing use of speed cameras?

Stop fraud, ban speed cameras.





Gavin Waugh

No Speed Cameras Party member

Western Australia