We all hear politicians constantly proclaiming that speed cameras, red light cameras and laser devices are being used for road safety and/or, reduce the road toll and/or to stop law breakers. Most sensible, rational, clear thinking people realise that this is simply an unjust and fraudulent way financially incompetent and morally corrupt Governments are using to collect illicit revenue. Most people are sick and tired of this scam and even though business and living costs are going through the roof the politicians are still NOT listening!

The ridiculously high penalties and demerit point regime for mostly trivial offences is repugnant to most clear and fair thinking South Australians. Many people who have to drive for their jobs are particularly vulnerable. Over 400 people were recently pinched for driving 20 kilometres an hour on the South Eastern Freeway IN ONE HOUR. Most claimed that the speed signs were NOT changed. Additionally there was not reason for a speed reduction – no accidents, no road works, bright sunny day with no fog. So what did most people do? Of course like most people they just ‘shut up and pay up’ simply because in these ‘offences’ YOU must prove you are innocent and are presumed guilty … disgusting! Does anybody still think the system is fair? Probably only those people mentioned in our ‘Who wants to maintain this scam’ page.

Some people have lost their licences, their jobs or their businesses, their homes, their families and their mental health. All this for usually infringing petty, unreasonable and nonsensical road laws sometimes by as little as 5 km / hour or a red light by half a second. Where is the social justice and fairness in all this? … and what happens if you ask for leniency – forget it! It is all a scam about collecting massive amounts of revenue.

Government is using the misguided mantra of ‘Speed Kills’ to pull on the heart strings of unaware members of the community. They illegally take money from motorists at the expense of not only safety but also common decency and at great cost, both financially and ethically to the community. Governments either know this is a scam that they try to justify with shonky ‘statistics’ or they are just plain and conveniently ignorant of the reality. They are also using millions of your tax payer money to try to brainwash people into believing that speed is the cause of most accidents when they blatantly know that this is not true.  In essence Governments are adding to the road toll with their lies and deception instead of providing an education based system.